Gus writes:

“I’d like to also offer my resounding support for Momo, seeing it when I did had such a profound effect on me, I must admit the underwater soliloquy, dance, music and visuals was probably my favourite part of the show, and multiple times in the show i was reduced to tears of joy from the imagery. I am very very very much looking forward to your next stage production, and further unbridled abstract creativity! Bravo!”

Claire Thomas writes:

“Thank you for inviting a member of Young Peoples Theatre to attend a show of Momo. The energy of the ensemble made the story come amusingly to life. The imagery was beautiful, I was mesmerised by the under water scene, the movement piece in Meister Hora’s place and the Hour Lily’s. Another highlight was the adorable tortoise in it’s cosy looking quilted shell.
I also thoroughly enjoyed my coconut cupcake and spicy chai from your delectable cafe :)
Congratulations on a beautiful piece of work. I can now feel reassured when I sit about reading a book or wandering around the garden without thinking that I should be doing something more productive! Those Grey Citizens will not squander any of my pleasure time!”