momoAfter Michael Ende enchanted the world with ‘The Neverending Story’, he wrote Momo,
the tale of a young girl. Alone, Momo lives in the ruins of an ancient amphitheater in an uncharted European City.

‘Prospero Players’ production of Momo captures this wise and wondrous tale with ease and abundance.

The people of the city befriend Momo, and find that she has a unique gift – the astonishing ability to ‘listen’. Her presence simply enables people to connect with themselves and experience a flourish of imaginings. She is rich, not in material possessions but in the love and laughter of her companions.

All things change when the sinister Grey Citizens take a hold of the city and Momo‘s friends. She finds herself alone. Courageously she dissipates the plan of the Grey Citizens in a thrilling struggle for life… for Time.

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