Momo – Prospero Players Latest Production 2013

After Michael Ende enchanted the world with ‘The Neverending Story’, he wrote Momo,
the tale of a young girl. Alone, Momo lives in the ruins of an ancient amphitheater in an uncharted European City.

‘Prospero Players’¬†production of Momo captures this wise and wondrous tale with ease and abundance.

The people of the city befriend Momo, and find that she has a unique gift – the astonishing ability to ‘listen’. Her presence simply enables people to connect with themselves and experience a flourish of imaginings. She is rich, not in material possessions but in the love and laughter of her companions.

All things change when the sinister Grey Citizens take a hold of the city and Momo‘s friends. She finds herself alone.¬†¬†Courageously she dissipates the plan of the Grey Citizens in a thrilling struggle for life… for Time.

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